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Have you or someone you know written a book and then set it aside because it was to costly or time consuming to get it published? This is not uncommon.

We can take your finished manuscript in an electronic file and lay it out into a book format including all the chapter headings, footers, headers and design elements needed for your book to look professional and polished. If you need your work edited, we can provide that service too.

We can also create a great looking cover for you using picture elements you provide or ones we create. We can then take the cover and lay it out in the correct format and size for your particular book.

We have ISBN numbers available so that your book can be categorized and listed in the library of congress. This is a must have for any book.

Once your book is uploaded to our printer, it is available, on demand, to you or the general public. We will get your book listed on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, two great sources for book readers.

Chapter One...How Can We Help You?

We have produced books for self publishers all over this country and Europe. Normally, we can get your finished manuscript into a book format and ready for purchase in less than six weeks!

We help you set up an account with our printer so you can order directly from them, saving time and money. We are a small company with big talent, so each book we put out is done with pride and personal attention. You can talk directly with us, the people creating your book layout. There are no surprises and we are always available.

Chapter Two...But I already have a book and want an eBook produced

We can do that for you. There are several formats we can convert your book to. The most popular is the new Kindle eBook format. This is Amazon's proprietary reader. We will change over your electronic text file and cover and make it available on the Amazon Kindle website for sale. This configuration of book is becoming very popular and your book will be part of this ever growing, high-tech age of reading. No one with a book can afford to miss this opportunity. We can make it happen for you at a very reasonable cost.


Contact us for more information on getting your book published and in front of the reading public. In these tough times, your book could become a money making proposition for you. With our low cost and personalized service, the time has come to take the leap and see your book in print. Let us help you do just that.

Get in touch with us by clicking on the Contact Us button above and filling out the form with some general information about your book and how you want it published. We will then give you a quote or contact you for more information.

We look forward to helping you publish your book and making it a success!